WATERCOLORS + collage 2020-2021 - https://www.camillapistolesi.com
ART, moto, travel, riding, adventure
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A DREAMLAND un undefined space and time where dreaming is possible. 

I have started WATERCOLOR PAINTING  essential landscapes with variation in composition and colors in 2018.  I just couldn’t stop watching the color spreading in the water. 

I loved the feeling of the brush on the paper, the effect created with the delicate layers and the waving of the paper under the effect of water.

Later in 2020, right after the first LockDown during the pandemia, those Landscapes created with multiple transparent watercolors layers, with a fading horizon, has become a perfect scenario to add figures and elements, becoming a dreamland that has come to life with figures, especially women’s images, cutted from magazines or books , and other elements, sometimes cut off my own drawings.

The contrast between the realistic appearance of the images and the dreamy lands create an imaginary world living in between reality and fantasy

This collection of artworks appears to be connected in style and content with the last jewelry collection created between 2017 and 2020 👉https://www.gioiellidicamilla.it/products/stories/

Balance and simplicity are still the main features of the composition.