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All the options for Camping in France


Which are the alternatives to enjoy wild nature and camping in France?

Not always it is in fact possible to do wild camping or sometimes you do not want to.

What if you need for any reason to stop by a place with facilities, but you do not really like campings?

Let’s see which the possibilities beside wild camping you have for your road trip in France.

As I already said in my last article about wild camping, France is kind of a Paradise for open door activities and camping too!!!!!!

At the time I traveled South France the first time, I was on my first solo road trip with my motorbike , I didn’t really feel to put more on the plate. So I searched for something it felt more easy and secure without scarifying too much of the connection with nature feeling.

The reality is that the more restrictions and regulations have been builded and applied to free camping, the more options have been growing, so we never have to give up freedom + connection and respect for the territory.

As already said in my article about wild camping, in France camping is very much appreciated by french people and it is in fact part of the colture and largely practiced during summer vacations by all variety of people. solo travelers, hikers, bikers, motoriders, as well as  families with childrens or aged couples and young friends, with tents or vans.

I believe this being the reason for this reason this land is well covered with all sorts of alternatives for people who just love to be in contact with nature and enjoy its peace.


Let’s explore together are the options to camp in France, starting with my favorite choice!

Imagen de tawatchai07 en Freepik

1. The so called ‘CAMPING MUNICIPAL’

On my second day of my French road trip , I was lucky enough to casually run in one of those so called ‘CAMPING MUNICIPAL’ , while looking for a place to camp in the hearth of the ‘Gorge du Verdon’ Park .

After passing by several campings, only one kept my attention for being , let’s say, more natural + near the river. 

I do not really like and tend to avoid those campgrounds where the original natural shape of the place has been disrupted in order to organize the space.

Also where extra services rather than the one really necessary has been built to entertain costumers.  

So What is a Camping Municipal? 

Based on my experience I can tell, that Camping Municipal refers campsites managed by the town hall, and from here they get this name. 

The prices are very fair and they have all services , which are well maintained.

Especially when located in more remote and natural places, they tend to be builded in a way which respect the original place. 

Even if sometimes the spots are not separated  by hedges, both their huge size and the respect of french people for personal spaces,  will guarantee your privacy.

You can find them by typing directly on google map -camping municipal- or visiting  the french web page specifically dedicated to them, with a map and a complete list of sites and prices. 

Despite being in French, the map and the list are easy to use and understand.

And do not forget you can always find coffee ☕️ + croissant 🥐 


Another way for camping in France is to pick an Aire Naturelle, or natural area campsite.

This option is also a way to support and respect the local environment. 

Image by standret on Freepik

What is a natural camping area?

Natural areas are a piece of land where you can pitch your tent and park your caravan or motorhome during the summer season.

They have access to a toilet block. 

 Might not seem very far from the ‘camping municipal’, but there is in fact a difference.

The difference stays in the land resuming its natural function at the end of the season and for at least 6 months.  This type of accommodation is therefore part of a green and local tourism approach, concerned with preserving natural areas.

In addition to respecting nature, here you can enjoy a calm stay since the number of pitches is limited to 30. Often offered by local farmers, you will be warmly welcomed by people who cherish their regions and their lands. 

You can spot them directly on google map or check the web site if you are familiar with french !


I haven’t  tried it personally yet, but if you are looking for a different experience and a way to connect with local people, eventually try local products, then this might be your perfect choice!

Farm camping consists of micro campsites run by farmers on their own land.

These can have a maximum of six pitches. They must provide toilets and a warm shower plus rubbish and recycling bins. Many provide more, in the form of a farm shop and/or a common room; some even have swimming pools. Rates are not expensive, and of course there are generally no time restrictions apart from the end of the season.


That will be possible through the platform website

Image by frimufilms on Freepik

All variety of options offered by private land owners at different ranges of prices.

More often they offer spots for caravans, but also tents.

Sometimes they can have their own tent to rent, like some sort of private glamping. 

So you can consider to give a try to an open air experience even if it is not in your plans for the entire trip and you are not prepared with all the .

On the website you can choose your favorite option by going trough the descriptions and the photos available for each place.  Reserve your spot directly trough the platform by contacting the owner.

This website appear to me to be used quite al lot in France, offering many places spread all over the country.

There might be other similar platforms. For an extensive knowledge, I suggest to do your own research!

5. Park4nighT

Image by karlyukav on Freepik


Park for Night works essentially as map compiled by the users themselves. Here you can add your own photos, comments about your experiences and your evaluation of the place.

Actually more of an help to make it easier to find spots for free camping. 

Even though I find this App more practical for those who sleep in vans or cars, it can be helpful also to find places to spend the night with a tent. As the matter of fact each spot marked on the map comes with photos. Looking at them you will be able to evaluate the situation in advance!

It is anyway always come useful to have it on hand.




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